Usage Guide

HVPPY™ Caps USage Guide: Get Ready for a Ride!

Recommended Usage:

  • General Recommendation: Pop one HVPPY™ Cap to see how your inner happy reacts. Wait at least 45 minutes to see if you’re floating on cloud nine before considering a second capsule. Patience, young grasshopper!
  • Intermediate Users: If you’re already on friendly terms with Kanna, feel free to take one to two capsules. After 45 minutes, see how you’re vibing. If you’re feeling it, and only if you’re feeling it, you might consider a bonus capsule. But only if you promise to smile.
  • Experienced Users: For those who are Kanna aficionados, you’ve got this. Adjust your dose based on your past adventures with similar products. You’re the captain of this happy ship!

Important Notes:

  • Listen to Your Body: Everyone’s body chemistry is different—think of it as your own unique cocktail. Start with the recommended dose to see how your personal concoction reacts. It’s like a science experiment, but way more fun.
  • Stay Hydrated: H2O is your BFF. Drinking water can elevate your experience and keep you feeling fresh. Plus, it’s just good sense. Hydration station, here we come!
  • Consult with a Healthcare Provider: Got any secret medical mysteries or taking other meds? Have a chat with your healthcare pro before embarking on this HAPPY journey. They’ve got the wisdom you need.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children: This joy ride is for adults only. Keep the little ones out of your HVPPY™ stash. Seriously, no kids allowed!

Enjoy your HAPPY journey! Embrace the natural harmony of full-spectrum Kanna and remember: life’s too short not to be HAPPY!